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California proposes total ban on plastic shopping bags by 2026

California – California is taking a bold step towards environmental sustainability with a new bill announced in the state legislature that aims to completely eliminate plastic shopping bags by 2026. This initiative expands on the state’s existing regulations, which already prohibit thin plastic shopping bags at grocery stores and various retail outlets. Currently, consumers have the option to purchase thicker plastic bags, intended to be reusable and recyclable, at the checkout.

A Move Towards Reducing Plastic Waste

Democratic State Senator Catherine Blakespear, representing Encinitas, is leading the charge with this proposed legislation. Blakespear highlights the ineffectiveness of the 2014 ban on thin plastic bags in reducing overall plastic usage. Citing a state study, she points out that the per capita trash disposal of plastic shopping bags has increased from 8 pounds in 2004 to 11 pounds in 2021. This alarming trend underscores the urgent need for more comprehensive measures to tackle plastic waste.

“We are literally choking our planet with plastic waste,” Blakespear stated, emphasizing the critical situation and the need for legislative action. The proposed ban would mark a significant advancement in California’s environmental policies, aligning with efforts in twelve other states that have implemented some form of a plastic bag ban.

The 2014 statewide ban on plastic bags, which was confirmed by a voter referendum in 2016, laid the groundwork for this more ambitious proposal. If passed, the decision to enact the bill into law will rest with Governor Gavin Newsom, who has a history of supporting anti-plastic initiatives dating back to his tenure as San Francisco’s mayor in 2007.

This legislative move signals California’s continued commitment to environmental leadership and represents a critical step in addressing the pervasive issue of plastic pollution. The bill’s success could inspire further action both within the state and nationally, contributing to the broader fight against environmental degradation.

Emily Potter

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