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San Diego Unified School District unveils student-run food truck Sunset Bites: Unique opportunity and experience

San Diego, California – Last Tuesday, the San Diego Unified School District launched Sunset Bites, the district’s first food truck that was created and run by students. This appears to be a groundbreaking move in the field of educational innovation. Students from Morse, San Diego, Mira Mesa, Hoover, and Garfield high schools are working together on this groundbreaking project. The project gives them a rare opportunity to learn how to run a mobile food business.

Sunset Bites is a unique opportunity and experience

Sunset Bites is more than just a food truck. It’s a lively collaboration between students pursuing different job paths, with the goal of giving them real-world skills and experiences that go beyond the classroom. Mya Diaz, a senior at Patrick Henry High, explained about how important this project was for getting students ready for college and careers by showing them how their learning could be used in the real world.

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Kristine Huynh, a senior at Mira Mesa High, picked the name Sunset Bites because it speaks to the essence of San Diego, with its beautiful sunsets and diverse food culture. Huynh got the idea for the project from eating food by the beach, which makes a clear link between the project and the people it aims to assist.

The design was also created by the students

Students, like Diaz, also came up with the truck’s design and branding. They were inspired by sunsets and food to come up with a theme-based and visually appealing design. This student-led approach to the whole project shows the importance of giving students a place to be creative and start their own businesses.

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The innovative project is being helped by the San Diego-based company Intuit, which has given a food truck that comes with a commercial-grade kitchen. As explained by Sarah Vielma, the head of college, career, and technical education for the district, this donation will help students learn important skills like technical, financial, and business knowledge. Vielma praised the program for helping to prepare students for work, pointing out how important it is for students to have these kinds of real-life learning experiences these days.

Sunset Bites should be open by the end of 2024. It vows to give people in San Diego a unique dining experience and help the next generation of stars in the industry.

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This project is part of the larger Intuit Food Truck Program, which funds similar projects in California and other states. It is a big step toward giving students real-world business skills as part of their education.

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