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California Transportation Commission grants $7.2 million to Orange County for repairing the Los Angeles to San Diego rail line

San Diego, California – The California Transportation Commission has recently allocated $7.2 million to Orange County to help in the repair of a crucial rail line that serves as a connector between Los Angeles and San Diego. This announcement came from the county’s transit authority on Friday.

A landslide in San Clemente that occurred in late January inflicted severe damage on a bridge and littered the train tracks with boulders and debris, leading to the suspension of both Metrolink and Amtrak services through the affected area. The track, under the ownership of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) and maintained by Metrolink, has seen disrupted operations, affecting countless commuters and travelers reliant on this link.

Efforts to clear the rail line are underway, with the newly secured funding earmarked for the construction of a wall along the hillside at Mariposa Point. This project is aimed at preventing future landslides and ensuring the safety and reliability of the rail service. According to the OCTA, the $7.2 million is in addition to a previous award of $2 million for debris removal and construction-related preparation work.

Despite these proactive measures, the timeline for the resumption of passenger rail service remains uncertain.

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