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California considers bill to implement speed limiter technology in vehicles

Sacramento, California – California lawmakers are deliberating on a bill aimed at curbing speeding across the state. Senate Bill 961 proposes the implementation of speed limiter technology in vehicles, marking a significant step towards reducing speed-related traffic incidents.

Innovative Speed Limiting Technology

Introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, the bill targets cars manufactured or sold in California from the 2027 model year onwards. The proposed technology would cap vehicle speed to a maximum of 10 mph over the posted speed limits. This system leverages GPS technology alongside a database of speed limits to electronically control the vehicle’s speed, ensuring drivers do not exceed speed limits by more than 10 mph.

Notably, the legislation provides exemptions for emergency vehicles, acknowledging their need for flexibility in response situations. Additionally, the Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol is empowered to authorize the disabling of the system for other vehicles under specific circumstances, offering a measure of adaptability to the law.

A Response to Rising Traffic Fatalities

The impetus behind Senate Bill 961 stems from alarming statistics indicating that a third of traffic crashes in California are speed-related. Particularly in Los Angeles, the urgency of addressing traffic safety has been underscored by data revealing that traffic deaths surpassed homicides in 2023. This stark reality has propelled the consideration of various traffic-related measures to mitigate the risks on California roads.

Among the suite of safety measures enacted, the state has also introduced speed cameras in certain cities as of January 1, 2024. These efforts collectively represent California’s comprehensive approach to combating speeding and enhancing the safety of its roadways for all users.

Emily Potter

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