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San Diego County seeks public input on budget priorities through engage survey

San Diego County, California – Even though it’s not May yet, San Diego County is already getting a head start on planning the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. They’re trying to figure out what should get the most attention, especially with how unpredictable the economy is right now. And that’s where your opinion matters. San Diego County is asking for your input.

You’re invited to take part in a survey on the Engage San Diego County website to share what services you think are most important. What you say will help decide what gets funded in the budget now and in the years to come.

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You can contact the San Diego County by email, mail, text or by phone

You can also let the County know the best way to keep you updated on budget matters, whether it’s through email, text, or another method. You’ve got until March 17 to take the survey.

A budget proposal will be shared with everyone on May 2, and it’s a big deal. To give you an idea, the budget for Fiscal Year 2023-24 was $8.17 billion. Right now, County workers are looking at all the numbers, figuring out what resources are available, listening to what people said in 2023, and making sure fairness is part of the decision on where money should go.

San Diego County budget covers things outside the city limits too

The County’s budget covers areas outside the city limits and also pays for services all over the region. In places not part of a city, the County takes care of things like roads, parks, and libraries. But it also has bigger jobs, like helping with mental health and addiction issues, and giving food and medical help to those in need.

San Diego County tackles big issues like homelessness and making housing affordable. It keeps an eye on public health to stop disease outbreaks and checks on restaurants, buildings, gas stations, and even beach water for safety.

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Other departments like the District Attorney’s Office, Probation, and Child Support are there for everyone in the county. The Sheriff’s Department looks after places without city governments and helps some cities with police work. The County is also in charge of elections, collecting property taxes, and keeping important records. And that’s just part of what they do.

The budget needs to have enough money for all these services, including any new ones that start up. A big chunk of the budget comes from the state and federal government, which is meant to be used for specific things. The rest of the money comes from property taxes, fees for different services, and other places.

After figuring out how much money comes from state and federal sources, the County has to decide the best way to use what’s left. This is a big job, and County staff work hard to suggest a budget plan. But residents have a say in this process too.

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The San Diego County budget will be shared on May 2

Once the proposed budget is shared on May 2, people can give their opinions online through June 13 on the Engage San Diego County website’s budget section.

There are also community meetings where you can speak up, or you can join in the Board of Supervisors’ budget meetings, either in person or over the phone. The website for the budget has all the dates and times you need to know, along with last year’s budget for comparison.

This year, department budget talks with the Board of Supervisors are set for May 14 and May 16. Public hearings will be on June 4 and June 6, with the final budget talks and approval on June 25.

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For more details on Board meetings or to ask for translation services, you can visit the Clerk of the Board’s website or call 619-531-5434.

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