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SDSU Chabad House unveils new menorah after vandalism

San Diego, California -The Chabad House at San Diego State University proudly unveiled a new menorah on Saturday morning, just in time for the upcoming Hanukkah celebrations. This significant event marks a fresh start after an act of vandalism destroyed the previous menorah in March.

The new menorah, standing approximately 20 feet tall and constructed of steel, represents a significant investment in the spirit of lightness over darkness. The installation, costing thousands of dollars, was made possible through the generous contributions of the community and the initiative of Barry Soper, an award-winning author passionate about spreading love over hate. “It’s going to shine. It’ll be beautiful lighting, and I think you’ll be able to see it from San Diego State University,” Soper expressed, highlighting the menorah’s symbolic significance, especially amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas along the Gaza Strip.

Soper, deeply moved by the vandalism of the previous menorah, reached out to the rabbi at the Chabad House. His efforts to replace the menorah led him to connect with Jim Mady, owner of San Diego Construction Solutions, who, along with his construction crew, volunteered to install the new structure. Mady also contributed to the construction costs, demonstrating the powerful impact of community support and friendship.

The Chabad House is organizing a rally on Thursday, Dec. 7, to celebrate the lighting of the menorah, marking the first day of Hanukkah. This event is not just a celebration of the Jewish festival of lights but also a testament to the community’s commitment to overcoming adversity with unity and love.

Christine Abbott

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