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Bay Area lottery player hits $20 million jackpot with scratchers ticket

Hayward, California – The California Lottery has brought luck to several Bay Area residents, with one particularly fortunate player hitting a $20 million jackpot. Durwin Hickman, a skycap working at a Bay Area airport, experienced the thrill of a lifetime during his lunch break.

Hickman’s extraordinary luck came from a $30 Set For Life! Scratchers ticket purchased at L & M Liquor in Hayward. Upon scratching the ticket, he uncovered the word “LIFE,” securing the top prize of $20 million. Expressing his excitement, Hickman shared, “It was the biggest rush I have had in my life.” With the winnings, he aspires to fulfill a dream of buying a house for his wife, showcasing the profound impact this fortune will have on his life.

In addition to Hickman’s remarkable win, the Bay Area has seen several other significant lottery successes. Teresa Martinez won $5 million from a 100X Scratchers ticket from Golden Eagle Gas in Morgan Hill. Another winner, German Medina Zapata, also claimed $5 million from a Premier 7’s ticket purchased at K&H Liquors in San Francisco. Furthermore, Teh-An Lin secured a $1 million prize from a Cloud 9 Scratchers ticket bought at Seafood City in Hayward.

L & M Liquor, the retailer that sold Hickman’s winning ticket, will be rewarded with a $100,000 bonus.

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