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Meet the team

Agnes Ellis – Publisher

Agnes Ellis is the driving force behind WebNewsYs, overseeing the publication’s vision, business strategy, and operations. With a keen eye for impactful journalism and innovative media solutions, Agnes ensures that WebNewsYs remains at the forefront of delivering comprehensive news coverage to the San Diego community and beyond. Her leadership ensures the publication maintains its integrity, relevance, and commitment to the highest standards of news reporting.

Emily Potter – Editor in Chief

As the Editor in Chief of WebNewsYs, Emily Potter is responsible for the overall editorial direction and content quality of the publication. With a deep understanding of San Diego’s unique narrative, Emily guides the editorial team in producing insightful, accurate, and engaging content that resonates with local and national readers. Her expertise ensures that WebNewsYs continues to be a trusted source for news, fostering informed community discourse.

Anne Vega – Editor

Anne Vega plays a pivotal role in shaping the content at WebNewsYs as an Editor. Her meticulous attention to detail and journalistic acumen enable her to refine articles to meet the publication’s high standards. Anne collaborates closely with writers and the editorial team to craft compelling stories that highlight the nuances of San Diego and national news, ensuring that readers receive well-researched and thought-provoking news coverage.

Christine Abbott – Writer

Christine Abbott is a dedicated writer at WebNewsYs, known for her compelling storytelling and in-depth research. Focusing on local news, Christine brings to light the stories that shape San Diego County, covering a wide range of topics from community events to significant local developments. Her contributions enrich the publication’s content, engaging readers with narratives that matter to their lives and their community.

Charlie Mendoza – Writer

Charlie Mendoza is a key writer at WebNewsYs, whose investigative reporting and insightful analysis contribute significantly to the publication’s national news coverage. With a passion for uncovering the truth and a commitment to journalistic integrity, Charlie’s work provides readers with a deeper understanding of complex issues, helping to inform public opinion and foster a well-informed community.

Ted Torres – Newsdesk

Ted Torres is the dynamic force behind WebNewsYs’ newsdesk, coordinating the flow of news stories and ensuring timely and accurate news reporting. His role is critical in managing the day-to-day operations of the newsroom, from monitoring breaking news to dispatching reporters to key events. Ted’s expertise ensures that WebNewsYs remains responsive and relevant in a fast-paced news environment, providing readers with immediate access to critical news and information.