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Passenger faces legal consequences after disruptive behavior on Amsterdam-Salt Lake City flight

Salt Lake City, Utah – A Delta Airlines passenger is currently facing federal charges for his disruptive behavior on a flight from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City. Identified as Darnel Silver Collins, the passenger became the center of attention for all the wrong reasons during the flight on January 21, leading to his restraint by the flight crew.

According to a criminal complaint, Collins exhibited unruly and abusive behavior, prompting immediate action from the aircraft’s crew. Holding dual citizenship in the Netherlands and the U.S., Collins is now under investigation by the FBI for his actions on the flight.

Eyewitness accounts describe Collins as being loud, disruptive, threatening, and abusive towards other passengers as well as crew members. His behavior escalated from following and tapping passengers to physically grabbing a female passenger as she exited the bathroom. The situation deteriorated to the point where eight passengers were relocated to escape Collins’s vicinity.

The flight crew’s attempts to mitigate the situation involved moving Collins to the back of the plane, where his behavior continued to escalate. He spat on passengers and verbally abused a crew member, further alarming those on board. Despite being moved, Collins continued to inappropriately touch passengers and was eventually restrained with flexicuffs by the flight crew. His persistent attempts to move around led to the crew using three seat belt extenders to securely keep him seated for the flight’s duration.

Collins’s actions have led to charges of interfering with the crew and assaulting passengers. If convicted, he faces up to six months in prison in addition to a fine.

Anne Vega

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