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San Diego relocates Safe Sleeping site residents to Golden Hall

San Diego, California – With heavy rainfall expected to hit San Diego this evening and continue into tomorrow, the city has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of its homeless population. The City of San Diego has temporarily relocated individuals from the 20th and B Safe Sleeping site to Golden Hall in the City Concourse. This decision, made “out of an abundance of caution,” aims to shield approximately 150 people from the adverse weather conditions, with forecasts predicting up to two inches of rain tonight and Tuesday.

Dreams for Change, the operator of the Safe Sleeping site, is diligently working to ensure that all residents, including those who were off-site at the time of the relocation, are transported to Golden Hall for temporary shelter.

Ensuring Safety Amidst the Storm

In preparation for the storm, the city and site operators had previously strengthened both the 20th and B and O Lot Safe Sleeping sites to manage water flow and maintain security. Despite the heavy rainfall, the O Lot site, which was not evacuated, has remained stable, thanks to these precautionary efforts. City staff, along with the City’s Emergency Operations Center, are keeping a vigilant eye on the situation and have developed contingency plans to address any emergent issues.

This relocation comes two weeks after record rains necessitated the move of unhoused residents from the Alpha Project 16th & Newton shelter to Balboa Park Activity Center, where they remain as shelter damage assessments continue.

The City of San Diego is committed to closely monitoring the ongoing weather conditions and is ready to take further action as necessary to safeguard the well-being of those residing in Safe Sleeping and shelter sites.

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